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Texican Natural Gas Company provides the finest service and the best price in the industry to make your job easier and make you more effective and profitable.





  • The highest rated natural gas marketer in the US in overall customer satisfaction over the past decade by Mastio Survey
  • Providing gas supplies and asset management to municipal gas systems, industrial, commercial customers and hospital and other institutional end users.
  • Focused on developing relationships with both producers and end users in the Southeast on Southern Natural Gas Pipeline and Transcontinental Gas Pipeline.
  • Providing customer-specific risk management strategies developed by the most experienced management team in the industry

Development of  Corporate Energy hedging plans for both domestic and international gas consumption, Texican provides exclusive services such as: custom invoicing, monthly budget updates, Metrix Energy Demand Management and Analysis to help your company use gas, power and water more efficiently.

  • Creative pricing solutions: Caps, Collars, Puts, Calls, Alternate Fuel Arbitrage
  • Leaders in customer education through seminars, webinars, and private training sessions
  • Marketing over 400,000 Dts per day
  • Over 6 BCF of gas storage
  • Over $1 Billion in annual sales
  • Over 400 Industrial customers
  • Serving Municipal and EMC customers throughout the southeastern US