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TexicanCNG and its partners can provide all of the expertise you need to confidently invest in a CNG fleet program.

The elements of a CNG fleet program are:

We can provide new vehicles designed to run on natural gas or convert your existing diesel or gasoline vehicles to use natural gas. We can also convert your existing vehicles to run on a 70%/30% mix of natural gas and diesel so that you can reap most of the cost savings of natural gas without being dependent on it (the vehicles can operate on diesel alone).
We can provide a private fueling station located on your property that consists of a dryer, compressor, and a storage system that will draw gas from your existing gas line. We can install a sub-meter so you can track your usage of natural gas for your trucks and be able to compute your cost savings.
We can provide natural gas through your existing pipes at a lower cost than your local utility. We can also lock in natural gas prices for up to five years so that you can budget and guarantee payback on your investment.
We can help you arrange leases or financing for the vehicles and the fueling station so that you can be cash flow positive from day one.